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Sunday, November 22, 2009Y
Seventh batch of Perlerful!

Seventh batch of Perlerful!

Hey everyone!!!
New designs from Perlerful is here again!! and in this batch, Disney Characters are here! while you may still be thinking of which Christmas design to use for your Xmas tree or card, we are coming up with more designs now for you to choose from!!

Now that's what we call Spoilt for choices!

Chip: $3.90

if you are a huge fan of Chip N Dale (like i do!),
you will love this chipmunk design for sure!
Make it into a keychain or magnet today!

Bunny: $3.90

This furry little friend is originally yellow in Bambi Stories, but we thought grey bunny look equally cute too! but nevertheless, let us know what color bunny you want to bring home and we will try our best to make it for you!!
PS: Battery and carrot is not included.

Mickey & Minnie Mouse: $4.90 each

how can we miss out the main and soul characters of Disney? now, there you go!
For Mickey and Minnie lovers, get a pair of them at 10% discount off now!
PS: the little ribbon Minnie is wearing is actually made out of mini beads!

Donald & Daisy Duck: $3.90 each

Another pair of classic Disney couple! Donald Duck and Daisy Duck!
For those who love this quarrelsome couple, get a pair of them at 10% discount now!!

Tinkerbell: $4.90

Alice in the Wonderland: $4.90

For those who loves Tinkerbell, bring it home!! we suggest making it into a magnet so you can stick it onto your fridge or office! And for Alice, wear it as a necklace to bring out the cutey-look in you!!

*Additional Price List*
Add $1 to make it into a keychain or or magnet or handphone charm or earrings(hook/stud)!Add $2 to make it into a brooch or make them using mini beads!
Add $3 to make it into a necklace or cup coaster!

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3:18 AM happyy-stopp

Thursday, November 5, 2009Y
Santa Claus is coming to town!

Need Christmas Gift Ideas?
Gonna have Christmas gatherings and need to exchange gifts? we might just have the perfect gift for your loved ones for this festive season! =)

This is the first batch of Christmas designs that we came up with so far. As usual, we can make them into keychains, hp straps, necklaces, notebooks etc and on top of that we can even make them into Christmas cards. YOU CAN CHOOSE the design (can be any designs apart from the Christmas range) to be at the front of the card, as well as the size of the cards. The cards will range from $1 to $2, depending on the complexity of the design and the size.

Do tune in for more designs for the Christmas range and let us know if you have any designs in mind! =)

There will be early bird discounts till the end of November so place your orders now! =)

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Thursday, October 15, 2009Y
Halloween is coming!

Halloween Special!!!

Hell-O to all Halloween Lovers!
Perlerful is coming up with designs to celebrate this occasion with you!

Tall Pumpkin: $2.90
Short Pumpkin: $3.90

This is the first design that we have for Halloween! we are bringing in 2 types of Jack-O-Lantern, the Tall and the Short! Make them into magnet to decorate your house for more ambiance or simply make it into a necklace and wear it for your "tricks or treats"!
More designs will be out upon demand from You!
Happy Halloween Everyone!!

*Additional Price List*
Add $1 to make it into a keychain or or magnet or handphone charm or earrings(hook/stud)!
Add $2 to make it into a brooch or make them using mini beads!
Add $3 to make it into a necklace or cup coaster!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009Y
Sixth batch of Perlerful! 6.10.09

Sixth batch of Perlerful!

Basketball: $3.90
Soccer ball: $3.90
Each Letter/ Numbers (made with mini beads): $0.50

Looking for a small gift for boyfriend or close friends that are athletic? well, this may solve your problem! Simply choose the sport that he/ she is playing and customize with their number and name and make it into a key chain for their bag or lockers, whichever works!

Diamond: $3.90

as the saying goes, Diamond's every girl's best friend, this sexy little thing definitely goes well around the neck or on your bag!! ideal for those that are doing Hip Hop or just loves accessories with street element in it!!

Giraffe: $3.90

Animal lover, this is for you! Or, if you have friend that is super tall and earn the nickname of "giraffe", get this for him/ her!

Cutie Cupcake: $4.90

This is the modified version of the Cupcake series that we have introduced earlier! we have shrink it down so it's more ideal as necklace pendent now! Get it in your favorite color combination to reflect your personality!

Butterfly: $3.90
Flower: $5.90
Turtle: $3.90

Presenting, the 1st season of Garden Collection!!! Applause! we have got you butterfly and turtle and flower that can be made into key chains or magnets for office! get them in your favorite color today, especially for the butterfly and flower!

Big Ribbon: $5.90

this is one of the hot-selling products that we have for Perlerful so far! Make this big, red ribbon into a necklace as you match it with a plain ,solid color dress or top, will definitely make you stand out in the crowd! Enhance your overall look and makes you look more than fun and kawaii!

LOVE necklace and Retro TV necklace: $6.90 each

these are some extra samples of how necklaces will look like, with products that we have previously posted!

*Additional Price List*
Add $1 to make it into a keychain or or magnet or handphone charm or earrings(hook/stud)!
Add $2 to make it into a brooch or make them using mini beads!
Add $3 to make it into a necklace or cup coaster!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009Y
Fifth Batch of Perlerful! 29.9.09

First batch of Perlerful!

Mario Theme Coaster Set (4 pieces): $20.90
Mario theme Coaster: $5.90 each

Introducing our 3rd coaster set series (1st and 2nd set were shown in Fourth Batch), the Mario themed Coaster Set of 4!! With Mario, Luigi, Boo and Shy Guy, these all-time favorite characters will add a touch of pixel fun at home!!
Other characters available upon request!

Personalised HP charm or Keychain (below 6 letters): $7.90

Using a mini version of perler beads, we can now make more delicate designs and products for you!! with beads as small as a rice grain, we can create keychain or Hp charm that bears the name of your loved ones or friends, or words that have special meaning to you, such as "baby" or "promise"! above are some examples of the Hp charm made out of mini beads.
Mini beads available in pink, blue, red, yellow, black and white!

Charming Hearts: $3.90

Heart shapes just have this unexplainable charm of sweetness and simply irresistable! the color combinations of Pink, Purple, Orange and Blue for our Charming Hearts are so far the best combination we have came out with!!
ideal as keychains or magnets to add a touch of sweetness!

Yummy Collection: $2.90 each

The trend to put on yummy-looking food-alike accessories is here!! Be it ice-cream, small cupcake, onigiri, turn them into hp charm to reflect the glutton in us! As for the Pacman, well, it's not exactly edible, but, this photo looks good with it there!! :D

Fruity Collection: $2.90 each

Like the yummy collection, we are pleased to introduce healthier choice here, apple and watermelon!! these adorable designs are ideal as necklace pendent or even brooch!

Sexy Lips: $3.90

Attention hot babes and sexy ladies! if you are looking for hp charms or keychains that can match your sexy-and-cute personality, look no further! this sexy lips goes too well with you!
Available in hot pink and sunrise orange!

Carousel: $4.90

This charming little thing brings back so many merry-go-round memories!! Stick it in your photo albums or wear it as necklace to bring out the kid in you!
Available in your fav color combination!

Alien (from Toy Story): $4.90

Toy Story fans should be familiar with this 3-eyed character!!
Perfect gifts for friends that are Toy Story Collectors!

Puzzle Bubble Dragons: $4.90

i suppose everyone has played, or may even still be playing Puzzle Bubble! so these 2 main characters shouldn't be a stranger to anyone of us!! get both of them as keychains and we promise to give you a good discount!!

Hamtaro: $9.90

Cutie pie Hamtaro has been perlerfied and enlarged!! hang it on your wall or just display at your desk would definitely bring a smile across whoever sees it!!

*Additional Price List*
Add $1 to make it into a keychain or or magnet or handphone charm or earrings(hook/stud)!
Add $2 to make it into a brooch or make them using mini beads!
Add $3 to make it into a necklace or cup coaster!

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009Y
Upcoming SMU bazzar!

Hi Everyone!

We'll be having another bazaar, HOORAY!!

Venue: SMU School of Economics Level 1
Date: 3rd to 5th Sept

Time: 11am to 8pm

If you are interested in Perlerful, do drop by and you will find great deals, great discounts and our new creations that have not been posted!!!!
Also, orders from blog can be collect there too :)

Once again, thanx for your support! See ya there!!!

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Thank you for your support!

Hi everyone!!!
Our first bazzar attempt over at SIM_RMIT was a success thanx to you!! For those who have bought something from us, or just stop by to take a look at our products, we THANK YOU once again!!!

Some photos taken at SIM_RMIT bazaar!!

Anyway, here are some special orders that we would like to share with you!!

#NO. 1: HP charms with the initial "SR" made using mini beads!
Special thanx to RMIT Council for they have ordered 50 pieces of HP charm from Perlerful!! they have requested to customized the hp charm with the 2 initials of their club and have chosen a suitable color combination for this gifts for everyone!!

SO, if your CCA or clubs is looking for some small, affordable, novelty things to use as identity, come order from us!!!! Special discount and price will be given to bulk purchase!

#NO. 2: Customize Organizers!!!
Above are some orders made by our very creative and innovative customers! They have requested for organizer and poured in their very own design. for example, one of our customers is a huge fan of Domokun, so she requested to make an organizer with her fav character on and leave her name at the back with a heart!

What are you waiting for? Start thinking what you want for a personalized organizer and order from us now!!!

Personalized Organizer (approx 4 X 6inches): $15.90

This multi-purpose organizer comes with two perler covers designed by you (front and back) and attached with plain white cards so you can note, scribble, write, do whatever to your very own organizer! now you will never find someone using the same notepad as you!

We'll be having another bazaar soon! Stay tuned!!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009Y
Fourth batch of perlerful (28/8/09)

Fourth batch of Perlerful!

The Story of Ugly Ducklings (set of 4): $9.90
Mother Duckling: $3.90
Baby Duckling (black/yellow): $2.90 each

Inspired from, (obviously), the story of Ugly Duckling itself! If you like this story like me, or just think the ducklings are too cute, then bring them home! Mother duckling alone look very much like a rubber duckling! But please do not just buy the 3 yellow ducklings and leave the poor little blackie alone!!
Ideal as fridge/ Office magnets, deco for baby room, deco for bathroom, scrap-booking materials, etc.

Retro TV: $3.90

Know of any friend that loves retro and funky accessories? Get this for him/ her!!
this retro TV can be easily wear around as a necklace and match with your funky shades!

Red Guitar: $4.90 (includes chain)

Why hang a boring "Do Not Disturb" sign outside your room when this red guitar door hanger shouts "Mummy, I'm jamming!!!"
Available in other colors of your choice!

Mario Kart Big Coaster: $12.90

Vroom vroommm....! Mario Fans, this is for you!! This big coaster is approx 15cm X 15cm, nice as a decoration for your desk or stick it onto your shelf or use it as your personal mug coaster!
other Mario Kart characters available upon request!

Gameboy (small): $3.90

Time for some serious fun everyone! Buy one for all your friends in your clique and start "playing" gameboy in bus, during breaks in classroom or even in the toilet (just joking)!! Passer-bys will be, well, surprised!!
Available in colors of your choice!!

Angel: $6.90

This purple angel expresses grace and peace.
Bring it home and hang it in your rooms or as a decoration during Christmas and Thanksgiving! Available in other colors! (string not included)

Checkered Heart: $3.90
Globe: $3.90

It's time to go green!! Buy a globe and paste it in your office, car or hang around your bag to show that you care about Mother Nature!
For heart-lovers, choose your fav color combination and get a pair for you and your Bestie!!

Pacman Coaster Set (4 pieces): $16.90
Pacman Coaster: $5.90 each

Introducing our first coaster set, the Pacman! Highly-recommended for all Old-school game lovers! get a set home (cos it's cheaper) and use them during gatherings so your friend will not forget which plastic cup its his/ her because they can recognize the Pacman instead!
Other colors available too!

Bomberman Coaster Set: $18.90
Bomberman Coaster: $5.90 each

Our childhood toys have been perlerfied into useful cup coaster!! Not are they just colorful and useful, but they can also serve as a marker so that your guest will remember which drink cans or cups its his/hers during gathering!
Other bomberman available upon request and feel free to suggest your fav color combination when ordering!

*Additional Price List*
Add $1 to make it into a keychain or handphone chain or earrings (hook/stud)!
Add $2 to make it into a fridge magnet or brooch!
Add $3 to make it into a necklace or cup coaster!

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009Y

Dear all,

Perlerful will be having a bazaar stall in SIM (Singapore Institute of Management) at Clementi on 12 Aug to 14 Aug, for 3 days!! Special discounts will be offered there during these 3 days!!

See you there! :)


10:20 AM happyy-stopp

Third batch of Perlerful! 11.08.09

Third batch of Perlerful!

3D Dice: $5.90

This dice is what i would called "small but mighty" because it's only 3.5cm X 3.5cm X 3.5cm and have survived a few times of my "violent" tossing, despite the fact that it is assembled without any adhesive substance! available in other colors!

Domokun Box: $16.90

Kawaii Domo-kun has been perlerfied as well! This 3D box will surely make your office table or study table more interesting with its cute expression, while holding things like coins, paper clips, etc for you. Come with a lid too.
Perfect gift for a Domokun fans!

Piano Cardholder: $12.90

This classic-looking card holder has been tested to be able to hold all normal-sized cards nicely! So friends, unless your card is super big or tiny, this is perfect!
Looking for a gift for your vocal teacher, piano teacher or dance instructor? This is the solution!

Tetris Set (7 pieces): $9.90
Tetris: $1.90 each

i suppose everyone is familiar with this all-time favorite classic game, right? Colorful and light, i suggest we can make it into a magnet set to keep memo in place or make plain-looking fridge more interesting!

Mahjong Tiles: $2.90 each!

Yes, Mahjong Addict, we heard you!
Convert this into a keychain or HP chain and hang it onto your bag/phone and it will bring you extra luck for winning!
(PS: we didnt cast any spell on it, just that we were super sincere as we were making it for you. Hope it helps!)

Rainbow: $3.90
Flower Earrings: $2.90 each pair. ($5 for 2 pairs)

"Somewhere over the rainbow, sky are blue..." i'm in a singing mood whenever i sees a rainbow! Give it to someone who you think need some extra reason to smile :)
For the flower earrings, please let us know your favorite color combination so we can make the perfect one for you!

*Additional Price List*
Add $1 to make it into a keychain or handphone chain or earrings (hook/stud)!
Add $2 to make it into a fridge magnet or brooch!
Add $3 to make it into a necklace or cup coaster!

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